Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Despedida de Soltera Aline!


 My college professor, Aline Medenilla who eventually became one of my best friends was leaving for Canada. So we decided to give her a mini send-off celebration at an Asian and Filipino-Dish restaurant, Fely J's Kitchen at Greenbelt 5. It was an intimate dinner for a couple of her former students who became really close to her as well - Molly, Fel, Mimi, Joyce and Rex then Sir Julius who was just passing by when we called him in to join us. The food was very nice and delicious. The serving was great, not to mention how pleasing the crew were. AFter dinner we went to Sinfully to buy some more chocolates and then went to Pinkberry for our dessert. It was my first time to try it, and man, it was an amazing one!


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